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Leather hat handmade in Greece! it is one size!..
Ex Tax:58.06€
Leather mini bag handmade in Greece 100% Genuine Leather. It has two loops for crossbody and waist bag.Dimensions: 17x4.5x10cm..
Ex Tax:29.84€
Leather Backpack made in Greece. It is handmade product from genuine leather. it has easy opening with zip and pockets with magneticsDimensions: 40x7x38 cm..
Ex Tax:112.90€
Leather shoulder bag for women. It is handmade from 100% genuine leather. Greek production. It has:interior case with zip exterior case with zipDimensions: 29x40cm..
Ex Tax:117.74€
Leather shoulder bag for women. Made in Greece from vegatable cow leather. It has a zip for opening and the shoulder loop can be adjustable.Dimensions:25(H)x9(D)X30(L) cm..
Ex Tax:97.98€
Leather handmade backpack . Made in Greece from real vegetable cow leather. it has easily opening with zip. Long, adjustable leather straps.Dimensions:30(H)x13(W) x30(L)..
Ex Tax:100.00€
Leather crossbody woman bag , handmade in Greece. It is from vegatable cow leather. It has 3 pockets with zips and one interior divider. Long, adjustable leather strap.Dimensions:17(H)x10(W)x26(L) cm..
Ex Tax:60.48€
Leather chest bag for men. it is handmade product from real leather in hunter color. Our leather is from cow and they are all vegetable.These chest bag has two pockets with zip to keep your personal things safe. it has also a zip pocket at the back of the bag. Long, adjustable leather strap..
Ex Tax:80.24€
Leather women wallet.card cases cases for money case for coins case inside with zipDimensions 10x14 cm..
Ex Tax:12.10€
Leather women crossbody it is handmade in Greece.  ..
Ex Tax:83.87€
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